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Disrupting the Market: Responding to Employer Needs with Episodes of Care

October 31, 2019 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST Webcast


In many markets across the United States, employers and health systems are starting to work together to implement alternative payment models—most notably, Episodes of Care—to improve the value of healthcare dollars spent and deliver better care. In this webinar, we'll speak to an employer and a leading provider in a local market that are currently working together to improve value.

Both employers and health systems are looking for creative solutions to drive change within the healthcare ecosystem. In this panel discussion, we will cover the various ways employers, health systems, and technology firms are thinking through the future of healthcare, specific to alternative payment models. They will address what “Episodes of Care” are, how they have evolved, and how they can be implemented to provide improved clinical outcomes at lower costs to plan members and employees.



Ryan Catignani, Vice President of Managed Care & Accountable Care Services, Beaumont Health

Ryan Catignani, MBA, PAHM, is Vice President of Managed Care & Accountable Care Services at Beaumont Health – Michigan’s largest health system. He also works with the Beaumont ACO and serves as the Executive Director of Beaumont Care Partners, Beaumont Health’s Clinically Integrated Network – Michigan’s largest physician organization. Most recently he has created Beaumont Employer Services Team – Beaumont Health’s direct-to-employer arm.

Previously, he was Field Vice President at Humana, where he oversaw the creation of value-based/risk-based relationships in various geographies, as well as narrow/high value networks in several markets. Prior to that, Ryan has worked at Health Alliance Plan, Detroit Medical Center, and Promedica, as well as for Coventry Healthcare in different markets. Ryan holds an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Holli Titus, President & CEO, Employee Benefit Logistics

At Employee Benefit Logistics (EBL), Holli Titus leads an experienced team to oversee customized employer welfare plan documents and health claims management. Her responsibilities include creating business partnerships and directly contracting with doctors/specialists, surgical centers, long-term care centers, rehabilitation facilities, drug companies, and hospital systems for large self-insured employers who choose alternative reimbursement models as an insurance product for their employees.

Holli has been leading the grassroots movement of traditional insurance reform through consumer transparency, member navigation through value-based network design, best-in-class customer service, and technology since 2008. These radical ideas have improved employee health benefit satisfaction by removing high out-of-pocket co-insurance, copays, and deductibles from benefits design. Through Holli’s efforts of eliminating financial obstacles to care, steering members to value-based providers, and implementing the “first in the nation” employer-provided Direct Primary Care model, EBL has reduced spending on chronic diseases by over 40%.

Tami Hutchison, Senior Director Business Development, Remedy Partners

Tami Hutchison has 30 years of healthcare knowledge that includes an uncommon combination of experience leading enterprise/product strategy for large healthcare systems, developing and operating value-based care services directly to self-funded employers, and founding a healthcare marketplace to bring together healthcare providers, health plan sponsors and health plan administrators. In her role at Remedy Partners, Tami spends her time working across all three stakeholder groups to understand their needs and opportunities to create Episodes of Care programs.

Andrew Cylkowski, Vice President of Partner Solutions, Remedy Partners (Moderator)

Andrew Cylkowski is a Vice President at Remedy Partners, an innovative services and technology company dedicated to transforming healthcare by utilizing Episodes of Care. Andrew currently oversees a regional team of experts who help health systems, physician groups, payors, and employers enter into value-based healthcare models. Andrew holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, as well as a bachelor’s degree in economics from Grand Valley State University.